Orlando Bloom Throws a Punch at Justin Bieber and the People Cheer

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If you dreamed, someday, that Legolas would ride up on a white horse, come to the rescue and pop Justin Bieber in the face, you are now one step closer to that dream.

Here’s the scene: Orlando Bloom and the goblinchylde Prince Joffrey Bieber were both partying in Ibiza, as is required of the rich and/or trashy. At some point in the evening they both found themselves at Cipriani restaurant. TMZ reports:

You don’t see Orlando swing, but the eyewitnesses tell us that’s exactly what happened. We’re told Justin ducked the punch. That’s where the video starts and you hear Justin scream, “What’s up bitch?”
We’re told when Bieber left the crowd applauded.

As you will recall, Justin hung out with Orlando’s then-wife Miranda Kerr after a Victoria’s Secret show in 2012; Orlando was seen sitting on a curb next to JB’s ex Selena Gomezlooking like he was up to no good — in April of this year. There’s not much action in the video, but Orly certainly has a threatening kind of swagger. Legolas can get it. [TMZ]

Oh BTW after the fight, El Beebo Instagrammed a sexy picture of Miranda Kerr and then deleted it. [Just Jared]

UPDATE: Better (Swedish!) video here. You can see shoving/pushing.

Your boyfriend Tom Hiddleston wrote an adorable fan letter to writer/director Joss Whedon. It reads, in part: “I love how throughout you continue to put Loki on some kind of pedestal of regal magnificence and then consistently tear him down. He gets battered, punched, blasted, side-swiped, roared at, sent tumbling on his back, and every time he gets back up smiling, wickedly, never for a second losing his eloquence, style, wit, self-aggrandisement or grandeur, and you never send him up or deny him his real intelligence…” Your boyfriend has a way with words, check out the rest at the link. [Total Film]

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem — along with director Pedro Almodovar — have penned an open letter calling Israel’s attacks on Gaza “genocide.” “Gaza is living through horror these days,” the copy reads, “while the international community does nothing.” Meanwhile, author/speaker/Today show frequent guest Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says it’s “official”: Penny and Javi are “jew haters.” Tense times. [Hollywood Reporter, Facebook]

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