Pair Who Had Open Oral Sex on Airplane Gently Slapped With $250 Fine


That couple who got more than a little frisky on a flight to SIN CITY BABY Las Vegas are dodging their potential 90-days in jail: they’ve been ordered to pay only a $250 fine per person, pair of breasts or testicles, whichever way you prefer to think of it.

Court documents obtained by the Smoking Gun back in August found that Christopher Martin and Jessica Stroble spent their flight to Las Vegas in June on Allegiant Airlines (a real airline? I guess so, and profitable too) having a really good time. Multiple witnesses saw them engage in some intimate activities, for which they were charged with partaking in “lewd, indecent, and obscene acts on an airplane,” a federal offense they pled guilty to. The woman was seen:

…performing oral sex and manually stimulate the genitalia of a male passenger…The male’s penis was exposed and fully erect. After completing the sex act, the female wiped off her mouth while the male put his penis back in his pants. The male then placed his hands down the female’s pants and appeared to be manually stimulating her genitalia. The female placed her hand over the male’s hand while he did so. Later in the flight, after the drink and snack service, the female passenger again performed oral sex on the male passenger. Towards the end of the flight, the male exposed the female passenger’s breast and began kissing the exposed breast.

Let’s reread that one sentence again: “Later in the flight, after the drink and snack service….” Always stay hydrated, kids.

A witness at the time described Martin as “in his own world.” Another told a flight attendant, “this is not the sex education I wanted to give my teenage sons.” The couple were asked to stop twice (once seemingly somewhere around when snacks were served) before they complied. Interestingly enough, it appears that the two didn’t have much of a relationship outside of this flight: Martin lives in Las Vegas, Stoble in Oregon. When contacted by the Smoking Gun, Stoble said that they weren’t married and that she didn’t have contact information for Martin.

In a written statement made available to the Mail Tribune Thursday, Martin was very apologetic, but also saddened by the degree to which these few moments of pleasure had altered his life:

I have made many mistakes in my life, none greater than this one. I have lost my job, my reputation and damaged the legacy I had worked 10 years to nurture and grow. I will learn from this and move on to the next chapter in my life.

That being said, the incident itself cost them each about as much money as you’d lose in ten minutes in a Vegas casino. Worth noting for all you out there considering the mile high club from afar.

Airline flight sex act results in $250 fines [Mail Tribune]

Image via David Becker/AP

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