Party Bears Break Into Condo, Party


Bears are so fun, always looking to party. This one is saying, “You up?”

The latest party bears were spotted in Sandpoint, Idaho last Wednesday after they broke into Douglas Harder’s condo through the sliding door off of the second-floor deck. Harder said the most recent condo crashing took two hours to clean up. These party bears ate “a bag of flour, brownie mix, a Toblerone bar and a can of Pepsi,” and left “a pile of poop the size of Harder’s foot” in the living room.

But Harder is pretty used to sharing his space with local bears; two days after the initial incident, a cub attempted to enter the party space for a chill hang, but he chose the wrong door. Specifically, he tried to enter the condo through a cat door. That is fucking cute.

Another time, he caught a family of cubs hung out on his deck, eating birdseed from a feeder and drinking cans of Dr. Pepper. That is also fucking cute.

Here are some photos of the incidents. They are, unsurprisingly, way fucking cuter than the descriptions.

CNN reports:

It’s been a dry year in northern Idaho, and food for bears is scarce in the forest around Harder’s home near Schweitzer Mountain. He says he has called the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office and Schweitzer Mountain headquarters to report the encounters.
“I don’t want them to kill the bears; I just want them relocated,” he said. “If they don’t take care of them someone else might.”

You could probably find someone at this site to volunteer.

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