Meghan Markle’s favorite food is pasta. Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old and steers clear of starchy foods. By the ironclad natural laws of the tabloids, these two facts are fundamentally at odds and the pair are now AT WAR!

The Daily Express breathlessly reported:

Along with being banned from eating her favourite seafood on royal tours and garlic when in the company of the Queen, she has also had to give up another of her favourite meals.
According to royal chef Darren McGrady, pasta, rice and potatoes are all banned from the menu at Buckingham Palace.
The carb ban is a personal choice of the Queen’s, who prefers not to put them on the menu.

“Darren revealed the Queen’s no-carb preferences during an interview with Recipe Plus, saying she stays well clear of pasta and has never had rice or potatoes on the palace menu,” the Express added. But, you see, Markle once told her favorite food is “a pasta dish containing slow-cooked courgette.”

While this is being framed as some sort of direct hit against Meghan Markle, it’s really not particularly surprising that a woman in her 90s would have a specific diet for her own table, and also Markle lives at Kensington Palace, not Buckingham Palace, so presumably it’s only when they’re dining with Granny that she must go pastaless.

Who cares! Feud: Royal Pasta Wars coming soon to FX.

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