Paul Mescal Nabbed an Oscar Nod, But I Just Want to Talk About His Sister Nell

We get it, Paul: You're hot, talented, and critically acclaimed. Some of us are just more excited to learn about your sister right now.

Paul Mescal Nabbed an Oscar Nod, But I Just Want to Talk About His Sister Nell
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My older siblings are good people. They’re impeccable, inexhaustible conversationalists, dedicated to encouraging decency in the education system, and irritatingly kind—even when they’re hungry or haven’t gotten the rest it requires for most people to function. They’re the kind of motherfuckers that would take the clothes off their backs for you, should you ask even rudely. As their little sister, I’ve come to expect that people generally just like them more than me. Therefore, I have no choice but to unequivocally stan the kid siblings of any mega famous person—like, for instance, Nell Mescal.

Sure, you might’ve heard of her older brother, that one Oscar-nominated actor, Paul—and if you’re me, you’re likely still following a certain Instagram account dedicated to his Normal People character’s necklace. But I happen to think it’s high time we get acquainted with the burgeoning singer-songwriter down the metaphorical hall.

While the internet was occupied by praise of Paul for his first Academy Award nomination for his turn as a single father in Aftersun, Nell completed an act of service intimately known by younger siblings of famous people and the latter’s feral fanbases everywhere: Posted a photo of a private moment that will almost certainly go viral immediately. This one sees a gaping mouthed big brother and the rest of their proud family reacting to the news via FaceTime.

“i would post the video of my reaction but those tears were UGLY,” Nell followed up.

“my mum got a haircut today in prep for her chemotherapy and then paul got nominated for an oscar life is so crazy,” she later tweeted.

It’s all very sweet, so, of course, it was only a matter of time before Mescalites latched on and sucked away at their (our) new source of lifeblood. Articles like this one, “Paul Mescal’s Sister, Nell Mescal, Is a Rising Star in the Music World,” soon sprang forth, and videos of Nell and Paul singing at the piano in what appears to be their family’s home began circulating.

In a slightly more bizarre turn, some folks expressed the kind of lustful admiration that’s now the status quo for her older brother: “I still don’t know who paul mescal is and I’ve never seen him act sorry paul but I know his sister’s name is nell and she’s hot as fuck and sings good and I want to kiss her on the mouth,” one person tweeted.

Now, don’t get me wrong—Nell’s emergence as a sibling to keep an eye on (respectfully) isn’t all weird. In fact, it’s actually pretty damn cool considering that she is, in fact, a gifted musician—so much so that she’s already been featured by Rolling Stone, deemed one of 23 artists to watch according to Gigwise magazine, and per her website, set to tour the U.K. for a series of high-profile festivals. She’s also very funny.

“ok guys stop following my twitter this is the app where i talk about gilmore girls and the walking dead and pretend i am not a singer songwriter with songs to promote,” she tweeted, seemingly addressing her growing list of followers.

As honorable as I happen to think my siblings are, neither of them have raised my own public profile, so cheers to Nell. Honestly? I’m now gunning for her to EGOT before Paul.

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