People Spent So Much Money to Buy Madonna's Old Stuff


People spent more than $3.2 million buying memorabilia from Madonna’s ’80s glory days, proving people have too much damn money.

At the Icons of Rock n’ Roll charity auction in Beverly Hills (natch), people had the chance to snag memorabilia from music legends such as John Lennon and Elvis. But what everyone went really nuts over was Madonna, according to ABC:

The biggest-selling items included the gown and stole she wore in the “Material Girl” video, which sold for $73,125, according to the auction house’s news release. Meanwhile, the wedding dress Madonna wore when she tied the knot with Sean Penn sold for $81,250.
Other highlights from the Madge auction included her gown from the film “Evita,” which sold for $15,000, her “League of Their Own” uniform, which sold for $31, 250, and her “Who’s That Girl” tour dress, which sold for $50,000.

Those were a lot more popular than the yoga mat featured in The Next Best Thing, which I hear was given to a pet shelter to line cat cages with after the auction.

Someone also spent $252,000 to get the original jacket Madge wore in Desperately Seeking Susan. I will admit to being slightly obsessed with that jacket so much so that I once took a brand new jacket and tried to draw that pyramid on the back. Only it ended up looking like a warped slice of pizza and I got grounded for a week for ruining a jacket. (I’m also particularly envious of the person who went home with an earring that featured prominently in the plot of the film for a lousy $34,375).

If you’re really desperate and you don’t have billionaire throw-away money on hand, you can get a knock-off of the famous Desperately Seeking Susan jacket for about $165.

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