Pete Davidson and Dennis Rodman Are Identical Now


Pop star Ariana Grande is in a relationship with SNL comedian and big dick haver Pete Davidson. They are obsessed with each other, and their whirlwind romance has led to a quick and speedy engagement. Here’s an observation I made recently that is relevant to this conversation:

Pete Davidson (especially with bleached blonde hair) is the burgeoning doppelganger of former basketball star and Kim Jong Un stan, Dennis Rodman.

Yes, it is a bold comparison. But I stand by it. Their most prominent features—plush lips, commanding nostrils, sticky-outy ears, awkwardly long limbs—are similar. And when they’re both wearing sunglasses? Whew, it’s a match! The fact that Davidson is a Spicy White who could probably pass as an ultra light-skinned black dude doesn’t hurt. As evidence, I present to you a few side by side comparisons.

Bleached hair and sunglasses

Bug-eyed sunnies


Spiritual twinning

And they are both long. Long with tats.

I will continue to gather receipts as they come to me, but for now I’m left wondering what the next steps in Davidson’s evolution will be. Will he get some lip piercings? Show up to the VMAs in a sheer, spaghetti strapped tank top? Become friends with an American adversary? Will he date Madonna?

Only time will tell.

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