Pissed-Off Parents Post Facebook Photos of Daughters' Dresses That Were 'Too Short' for Homecoming


A Utah high school recently turned dozens of girls away from this year’s homecoming dance because their dresses were too short according to the official dress code, which states that dresses “should be at or near knee length.”

Thing is, many of the girls who were barred from entering the dance were wearing dresses that were “at or near knee length.” We know this because a group of pissed-off parents launched a Facebook page to showcase the allegedly scandalous dresses that didn’t make it through Stansbury High’s doors.

“Good parents of good kids, in reliance on this language, purchased dresses for their daughters, only to see their daughter and their daughter’s dates turned away, and their homecoming experiences dampened,” the page states. “Any school dress code should reflect the standards and values of the community in which it sits. Further, the code should be clear, concise and applied fairly and even-handedly. That did not happen yesterday at SHS. Many parents, including those in community and church leadership positions, were left aghast.”

Scroll through to see some photos from the page, including a photo of one of the school’s teachers, whose skirt is shorter than some of the skirts in question. We wonder: what were the girls wearing that got through the door? Floor-length evening gowns? Muumuus? Chastity belts?

The principal apologized this week, saying there was “never any intention for people to leave heartbroken and disgruntled and confused and frustrated” and pledging to make the dress code clearer. The students will also get another dance, time and location TBD.

(The teacher’s dress.)

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