Planned Parenthood Fights Nebraska Abortion Law • Antidepressants Prescribed According To DNA?


• A Planned Parenthood in Nebraska has filed a lawsuit against the state to stop a law that would require mental health screening for women seeking abortions. If they are unsuccessful, the law will go into effect next month. •

Do women really go gaga over Prince Harry? According to the Village Voice, the obsession might not be as big as we — members of the royalty-obsessed media — make it out to seem. • The mayor of the Hills Shire Council in Sydney says he thinks lawmakers should be allowed to ban brothels in their regions. He says his district — part of the so-called “Australian Bible belt” — is “family-oriented,” and thus should not have to suffer through the indignity of proving sex workers safe spaces to ply their trade. • Psychiatrists hope that soon they will be able to prescribe antidepressants based not on the old trial and error approach, but with informed knowledge of patient’s DNA. Researchers are currently developing a new test, which may make it much easier for doctors to pinpoint exactly what medication will work on what brain. • According to republican Texas rep. Louie Gohmert, who got his intel from a “retired FBI agent,” terrorist groups are looking to “game our system” by sending pregnant women over to give birth on US soil. Their mini-terrorists will then have the advantage of being US citizens, so once they are trained, they will have an easier job of “destroying our way of life.” • Should countries regulate the number of women in business? Currently, Norway requires company boards to be at least 40% female, while the French parliament recently passed a similar law, which will require boards to be made up of 40% women in the next six years. • A study of women in their late 30s at a Belgium clinic found that a third wanted to freeze eggs as an “insurance policy” against infertility, while about half thought of the frozen material as a way to take the pressure off for finding “Mr Right.” The study, which only covered 15 women, also found that 27% were trying to give their relationships a chance before they brought up their ticking maternal clocks. • The Jersey Shore town of Asbury Park may soon be home to its very own topless beach. The city council is considering allowing boobs on the beach. “Baring your chest is really no big deal these days,” said one supporter of the cause. • Overweight women are more likely to miscarry after having IVF than average-weight ladies, according to a study from a London clinic. Women with a BMI over 25 were more likely to have miscarriages than women with BMI in the “normal” range. They also found that 22% of women who became pregnant through IVF suffered miscarriages. • Two women have been arrested after investigators found their children alone in a feces-covered apartment in Augusta. They have been charged with contributing to the deprivation of a minor. • A new book on the abortion debate explains how the phrase “pro-choice” came about: “‘Right to life is short, catchy, composed of monosyllabic words – an important consideration in English. We need something comparable. Right to choose would seem to do the job. And… choice has to do with action and it’s action that we’re concerned with,'” explained Linda Greenhouse. • After finding out that their fellow inmate, Patrick Fousek, was arrested for trying to sell his infant daughter in a Walmart parking lot, prisoners at the Monterey County Jail beat Fousek until he needed stitches. Fousek has been accused, along with his partner Samantha Tomasini, of trying to sell their child for $25 to two women, who reportedly thought they were joking. • According to activist Naila Ayesh, women’s rights in Gaza are facing serious threats, both from Hamas and the misogynistic culture of control. One of the most pressing problems that faces women is the issue of economic power. “Even Hamas is concerned now,” she says, in an interview with the LA Times. •

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