Police Report for Cleveland Kidnappings Released, Obviously It's Awful


Among the most disturbing information in a police report filled with disturbing information, is that Castro impregnated Michelle Knight five times and forced her to have miscarriages by starving her and punching her in the stomach repeatedly.

The details of the kidnappings of the three young women in Cleveland by Ariel Castro is a never-ending bag of horror.

In the police report obtained by WKYC, Michelle was also forced to deliver Amanda Berry’s baby in a plastic pool, and was told by Castro that if the baby died, he’d kill her.

Also detailed in the report is Berry’s escape. It was possible because Castro left the large front door unlocked on his way to McDonald’s (of course), and she was able to yell for help through the exterior storm door. She said she was scared because she believed Castro was “testing her”, but she did it anyway. The bravery and strength of these women is awe-inspiring.

The women were originally kept chained in the basement, but after some time, were allowed to live on the second floor of the home. They could go into the backyard if they wore wigs, sunglasses, and kept their heads down. There was no mention of them being naked in the backyard, as some neighbors have alleged.

As for the actual abductions, Castro lured the young women into his car with offers of rides home, only to take them to his house and chain them up:

Knight said she was in the area of West 106th Street and Lorain Avenue when Castro offered her a ride home in August 2002, the report said.
Instead, Castro took her to his house where he chained her up in the basement, the report said.
Public records show that the mother of two of Castro’s children lived just up the street in the 2200 block of West 106th Street at the time.
Meanwhile, Berry was walking home in April, 2003 from Burger King on West 110th Street and Lorain Avenue when Castro offered her a ride home, the report said.
Castro told her that his son also worked at Burger King. DeJesus told police that Castro initially approached her with Castro’s daughter, the report said. The two girls went to school together.
Castro later returned without his daughter and told DeJesus that he would give her a ride to his house so they could hang out, the report said.

Castro allegedly wrote in a suicide letter many years ago in which he details how and why he kidnapped the women, and essentially blames them for getting into his car. Yes, that’s clearly who is at fault here.


Photo via AP

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