Poster on College's 'Hookups' Facebook Page Brags About Sexual Assault


Toronto police are investigating a potential rape case after an anonymous poster described having sex with a heavily intoxicated woman on a Facebook page called “Humber Epic Hookup Fails.” The page, which went live two weeks ago, featured anonymous posts by Humber College students about hookups gone awry, because people have some weird impulse to share their “epic” hook up stories with the public.

Naturally, some creep went on the page and posted about meeting a girl at a party so drunk she could barely walk and having sex with her back at his place. “No verbal consent was needed,” the post reportedly read, describing the victim as a “starfish.” He goes on to describe that his roommate came home and saw the two having sex, so he told him to “hop right in” and receive a blow job.

Humber College is working on determining the identity of the poster. The college’s vice-president of student and corporate services, John Mason, said he had received multiple complaints about the “Epic Hookup Fails” Facebook page, which was removed by Facebook after being contacted by Humber College officials and Toronto police. Mr. Mason has stated that Toronto police need more information on the post before they can convene a full investigation.

Whether or not the poster fabricated the story is yet to be determined, but what is clear is that whoever posted it aimed at getting some sort of Internet high-five for raping a girl.

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[Globe and Mail]

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