Pretzel Crisps Add Boobs To Their Skinny Strategy


And here we thought the thinspirational pretzel crisp ads couldn’t get any worse. Boy, were we wrong.

The original ads, which featured the message “you can never be too thin,” was so hated by bloggers for the pro-ana message that the company was eventually convinced to take them down. Unfortunately, the ads were replaced with others that read “tastes as good as skinny feels,” taken, no doubt, from the infamous Kate Moss quote. What was once an offhand comment during an interview—”nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”—has now become something of a catchphrase for pro-anorexia sites. After much outrage, and a few round of discussion with the marketing team, Pretzel Crisp finally decided to take both ads down and replace them all with “perfect for skinny dipping.” It seemed like this was a perfectly good compromise—until now.

The ad above (courtesy of a tipster) was spotted around San Francisco. We find them highly offensive. What they lack in thinspiration, they make up for in blatant, out-and-out sexism. Of course, the original ads were probably targeting women as well (most diet food usually is marketed to the ladies), but not nearly so explicitly. And sure, one might argue that the “we’re thin and we’re stacked” is referring simply to the flavorless chips, but we wouldn’t buy it. After being dissuaded from running ads that appeal to the little voice inside our heads telling us to dietdietdiet until we forget how fucking good food actually tastes, Pretzel Crisps switched their tactic. Now, they not only seek to guilt us into buying their crappy chips through reminding us of the “perfect” body type—they also want to play on the idea that all women are catty bitches who live to outdo each other.

At this point, it almost feels like they’re baiting us. Pretzel Crisp couldn’t possibly think that these ads will be deemed acceptable by the very same community that rejected their pro-ana ads, right? Maybe this is some kind of deplorable publicity stunt. However, it doesn’t really matter. The new billboard has got to go and I know that I, for one, wont be purchasing any Pretzel Crisps until they do. Oh, and here is the contact info from the Pretzel Crisp website. In case you feel like letting customer service know what you think.

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