Prince Harry Has Topped His Grandmother's Royal Photobomb


Last week, Queen Elizabeth made headlines with a “photobomb,” popping into a candid shot with a couple of athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. But it was more selfie-with-celeb than proper royal photobomb. And so Prince Harry has stepped up to deliver the genuine article.

The AFP reports that a trio of New Zealanders attending the games in official capacity snapped the group pic, which was posted on Facebook by Trevor Shailer. Prince Harry apparently noticed the shot and posed like a complete goofball. Dude has everything, but he still appreciates the simple joy of crashing someone else’s photo while making a funny face. Royals: They’re just like us!

Filing this away with the rest of my evidence suggesting that Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth spend a bunch of time together at Balmoral, watching Game of Thrones, raiding the kitchen and engaging in an ever-escalating prank war.

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