Principal Tackles Bully To Break Up Girls' Nasty Brawl


Here’s yet another video of a schoolyard fight—but with a twist! As a teenage girl kicks the shit out of her peer, a member of the school’s staff stepped in and tackling the bully to the ground.

During the brawl, the offender—ironically wearing a sweatshirt with a large peace sign on it—repeatedly punches and stomps on her prey. That is, until the hero of the story, Shenendehowa High School’s Assistant Principal Matthew Heckman, appears out of nowhere, jumping right into the action to remove our bully from her stance.

Kelly DeFeciani, a representative of the High School, went on record defending Heckman’s actions, saying “He reacted swiftly to stop the fight and prevent the girl being attacked from being seriously injured. The matter has been reviewed, and he acted appropriately. The district’s first priority is to protect the health and safety of students and staff.”

Shen backs principal in video of fight [Times Union]
Schoolyard Justice of the Day [The Daily What]

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