Procedural Note: Jezebel Now Worships This Adorable Baby Deer As a God


Just a quick memo to all our loyal readers: See that little guy up top? He’s a southern pudu fawn, and henceforth, Jezebel will be worshipping this absolutely darling creature as our own implacable and terrible god. Adjust your shrines accordingly.

Yes, His Most Adorableness was recently born at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Queens Zoo, the Wall Street Journal reports. The pudu hails from South America and is apparently the world’s smallest variety of deer, topping out at roughly a foot tall. This fella was born six inches high. “It’s so tiny to us, but it’s half the size of the adult pudu because they’re so small to begin with,” spokesperson Barbara Russo told the WSJ.

Services will be held on Thursdays; prayers will be in the form of soft croons over phones and laptop screens. Offerings also accepted as instant-messaged exclamation marks, like so: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by Julie Larsen Maher, via WCS.

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