Put Bart Simpsons' Face All Over Your Body with New Forever 21 Merch

It’s the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons—does that mean Bart has a 401k now?—and 20th Century Fox is going bananas licensing the images to celebrate. Their latest Bart garments might be the least expensive Simpsons commemorative garments yet, though.

The line is being sold through Forever 21 as part of their super-on-trend Simpsons/’90s line, because the ’90s were the best decade for clothing cause you could wear your pajamas and workboots everywhere and people just thought you were part of the counterculture. The best disguise for secret slobs – it was awesome. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the president of 20th Century Fox’s consumer division called the new line “a combination of classic animation” and “trendy ’90s streetwear.”

Or, you could also say that this look is a little two-years-ago, when Jeremy Scott showed a Bart Simpson sweater on his fall 2012 runway, though he was just playing off the trend of cool-kids-wearing-thrifted-Simpsons gear that had flourished for two years before that. (You can also eBay the real ’90s deal now, or bootlegs of such, for a little cheaper than the Scott-Simpson sweaters were at retail. This one is pretty slammin.)

It’s interesting to see Simpsons merch being licensed to Forever 21, though they set a precedent with the shirts for Jeremy Scott, who also paid for a license. It’s crazy to see everyone making it so official! The new Simpsons line seems to accompany a shift in F21’s model, in which they’ve been licensing other images with a ’90s nostalgia bent as well—band tees with the likes of Nirvana and Guns n Roses—which maybe is why you saw so many 12-year-olds wearing Wu-Tang shirts this summer. Gotta keep up with that Hot Topic market, and whatnot.

Image via Forever 21.

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