Queen of England To Join Facebook, Plans To Rule Farmville With Iron Fist


Who’s the latest celebrity to sign onto the platform that’s now best known as a cesspool of misspelled racist rants against President Obama and pictures of your most obnoxious high school classmate’s ultrasounds? The queen, that’s who!

As of today, the head of the House of Windsor will have a Facebook account of her very own. While some of her younger relatives have gotten in trouble for showcasing themselves in compromising positions using the social networking site, Queen Elizabeth II‘s profile page will be maintained by a team of handlers who will undoubtedly make sure she doesn’t get drunk and lonely and spend several hours looking at picture’s of her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

According to The Daily Mail,

The official page will feature images, videos, news and speeches as well as an application which enables subjects to search for Royal events in their area through the Court Circular, the official record of the Royal Family’s engagements that has been produced daily since 1803.
‘The Queen has approved the decision – she knows all about Facebook,’ says an aide.

According to me, the fact that the Queen knows all about Facebook is adorable and makes me want to hug her. Here’s hoping she updates frequently with pictures of her army of Welsh Corgis.

Facebook! Queen Joins Grandchildren On World’s Biggest Social Networking Site [The Daily Mail]

Image via Getty.

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