Rachel Zoe Fears That Her Body Can't Handle A Pregnancy


On last night’s Rachel Zoe Project, Roger’s baby fever was contagious. Her parents—and even makeup artist Joey—joined the chorus. Rachel revealed her worst fears about the subject, which actually didn’t involve her previously voiced concerns.

The whole baby issue has been a major player this season on the show. And although Rachel has previously expressed that she does want to start a family, she’s been insisting to her husband Roger that there just isn’t room for such a large undertaking on her full career plate. But on the penultimate episode of the season last night, she confided in Joey what she’s really afraid of, and it had nothing to do with getting fat. She thinks that her body might not be physically capable of carrying a child to term, and that she might not be emotionally capable to deal with something like a miscarriage.

On a fashion note, if she was trying to get across — through her clothing — that she thinks she might be too old to get or stay pregnant, then her choice of a caftan and a turban were sort of perfect.

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