Racist Trashbag Screams 'Speak English' at Latina Mom in LA IHOP


Last week, a batshit racist trashbag in line at IHOP began screaming at a Latina mom minding her own business to “speak English!,” when said mom was simply having a conversation with her son, Carlos Vasquez. Latina mom straight up speaks English and, triumphantly, yelled back, “Shut up! You’re stupid!”

Potentially, it sounds funnier than it looks: the racist garbage can spews every cliché white supremacist “patriot” bon mots ever lobbed at anyone who dare speak in another language in the presence of “Real Americans.” In addition to “Speak English,” irate Garbaggioface makes some insane connection to “the Nazis” and “Castro,” as well as a confusing application of the “Go back to your own country” trope, in which Garbagehead spits, “GO BACK TO SPAIN!”

It’s fine to make light of in theory—especially because Trashbag more than resembles a tripping Donald Trump—but it’s actually really difficult to watch, especially when Vasquez’s mom starts crying while defending herself. “I speak English, too. I have a job in this country, you idiot. I clean office, I clean restroom. You idiot! Stupid!”

The frustrations of Vasquez’s mother are palpable, and of course, this is very likely not her first time at this rodeo—but clearly, she will not be shat upon by some bullshit-ass Trump-esque trashcan. It’s very upsetting—familiar to any one of us who are immigrants or who have immigrant parents or grandparents—but just as you’re about to cry, Carlos Vasquez comes in from the paint, very dryly:

“She’s not from Spain, by the way.”

BOOM. As Vasquez told the LA Times, his parents emigrated to the United States from El Salvador in 1985:

Vasquez, who lives in Highland Park and is a teacher’s assistant, said that neither he nor his parents had ever experienced anything similar.
“It was just so rare to see that in L.A.,” he said.
“We were very, very shocked,” he said.
He saw that the altercation drew a crowd, including many IHOP employees. He said he was disappointed that none of them stepped in.

Shame on those people. But Carlos Vasquez holds his own as Trumpy Trashy gets increasingly incoherent, invoking the Russians, “Freedom of Speech,” her belief that the “Nazis” and the “Castros” are “here” (WHOO-EE), and her travel experience in Spain, where she assumes Carlos Vasquez has never been. (One wonders if Trashcan Backwoods would have yelled the same things at a white person speaking French, or—even despite her Nazi fears—German. Does she know what Nazis are?)

“I have been to Spain before…” says Carlos Vasquez, incredulously. “I speak Spanish too. Who cares!”

Who cares, indeed. He ends the video by declaring, “And that’s why I’m voting ‘no’ for Trump!” Carlos Vasquez and his mother are both heroes, and the video exemplifies the vitriolic and always-batshit encounters so many non-white immigrants in America go through every day.

Also, did we mention the family was at IHOP because it was Carlos Vasquez’s birthday? Happy goddamn birthday, Carlos. IHOP should give you and your ma free pancakes for the rest of your lives.

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