'Rapebait' Talk Doesn't Shock Students. Writing It in an Email Does.


On Monday, an email written by a Phi Kappa Tau brother who attends Georgia Institute of Technology leaked onto the internet, in which said gentleman instructed his brothers on how to properly find and catch their own “rapebait.” It was gross and horrible. But according to some of his classmates, his advice was not nearly as upsetting as the idea that he would put such a thing on the internet. Doesn’t he know better?

For an article published by WABE, Atlanta’s local NPR affiliate station, reporter Michell Eloy talked to numerous students on campus, most of whom expressed concern about Rapebait’s job prospects and general lack of Emily Post-like behavior. Doesn’t he know that he’s supposed to send these kind of missives on personalized stationary? Some quotes:

“I think he intended it to be a satire of the typical frat guy and how horribly they see the idea of trying to face girls. And he’s trying to take it to the extreme of saying oh yeah this is what they think, and people saw that and realized, OK, even if you do think this is a joke, that is not something you send in an email.”

I do not like your thoughts via email.

“This kid is going to go get a job, and forever this email will be something he’s written or said or whatever, and I mean, that’s not great.”

I do not like your thoughts via gmail.

“Some of the guys in the frat, they can’t believe he sent it out. My opinion is he was never taught that if you shouldn’t say it in front of your grandma, you shouldn’t put it on the internet….You kind of expect it from some certain frats on campus, but, it’s kind of unexpected to actually see it put on the internet.

I do not like your thoughts via any kind of internet mail.

We do not like it, Rapebait emailer!

Georgia Tech says they’re investigating “this incident” – which one of the above students referred to as “locker room talk” – as is Phi Kappa Tau’s national headquarters. The author of “Luring Your Rapebait,” previously IDed as Matthew Peterson (a name that has been removed from the original Total Frat Move post) has been suspended from the frat, though not from the school. The frat has also suspended itself, though, as Eloy points out, it’s totally unclear what that means. Maybe it’s like putting yourself in a timeout until you learn what you should and should not say via the helpful words of your classmates/a bastardization of a Dr. Seuss book.

Georgia Tech Students React To “Rapebait” Email [WABE]

Image via Hector Alejandro/Flickr

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