Raven-Symoné Very Reasonably Sees Her Feud With NeNe Leakes As a Free Speech Issue

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As someone who is not a co-host of The View currently feuding with NeNe Leakes, I may not be the right person to give an opinion about Raven-Symoné’s recent comments. But, as someone who lives in the United States of America, I have the freedom of speech, so I’m going to give my opinion and speak my truth.

In a recent interview with E!, Raven was asked about…well, I’m not sure because we never hear the question. But we do hear her response!

It begins:

I’m in a job where it’s about opinions, and it’s about my opinions on certain things. Everyone gets scrutinized for their opinion, even though this is America and we’re supposed to have free speech. You still get scrutinized. You still get penalized. And I think the best way that I can handle it is, say my peace, stand behind my truth, and move on myself. I don’t read comments when they’re negative and nasty.

But not everyone is capable of standing behind their truth and moving on. And Raven has a message for them.

If someone calls me and says, ‘Look what’s going on, you should read it,’ I go, ‘That’s your right to say that. That’s your right.’… That’s their right because we have free speech.”

Free speech! Yes, sure. Free speech. I feel like freedom of speech is only brought up in non-political discussions when the person talking has no idea what they’re talking about and can’t figure out anything else to say.

Case in point:

“I feel sad for her. She came to my house party. I don’t understand what happen. But that’s her right if she felt that way, just like our opinion. That’s her opinion. Sorry girl. My bad.”

Her job is a free speech issue! Reading comments is a free speech issue! Not reading comments isa free speech issue! Her feud with NeNe Leakes? Freedom of speech!!!!

“I tend to just steer away from the negative comments and continue to study and look at what’s going on the world and watch my CNN and my WorldStarHip Hop and see what’s going on.”

That’s so Raven!*

*I hate overusing that, but it truly is applicable in every Raven-Symoné situation. Kind of like the concept of free speech!


After breaking up with his girlfriend, Aaron Carter got very, very sad. This makes sense, because break-ups are sad, and because the Carters are a family known for feeling things deeply. But after he broadcasted his sadness publicly, some fans got the wrong idea and interpreted his tweets as signs of a “mental breakdown.”

Reports Page Six:

“Has anyone ever had their heartbroken so bad that they feel it in other parts of their body,” he wrote in a lengthy essay Sunday while on a flight to Chicago. “Like cold feelings in your stomach, emptiness? Love is the toughest thing I deal with in my life.”
The 28-year-old continued, “Despite the people who wanna see me fail. I’m actually just devastated and my heart hurts so much right now.”

But fear not, Aaron Carter fans! All thirty-four of you can rest easy, because he just explained that he didn’t have a mental breakdown at all.

“Expressing myself and being as open as I can with myself, I get judged on a daily and that’s OK this is my life and my feelings,” said Carter. “There’s no reason for people to accuse me of having ‘mental breakdowns’ because I express myself & yea sometimes people piss me off.”

[Page Six]


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