Reader Roundup


Today was a double Bestie day!

First Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Did The Top Model Winner Get Shafted? “The cropped hoodie looks goddamn ridiculous. Who thinks of this shit? All the tips seem to involve cutting up crap you already own. I could do this for a living too. Cut fingers off gloves = fingerless gloves. Hack up skirt = mini skirt. Cut hole in underwear = crotchless panties. Cut top off hat = headband. Smash lens out of glasses = fashion glasses. Hack sleeves off jacket = vest. Cut string off tampon = tampon’s lost! Uh oh!” We say: Been there, done that. We’re so fashionable! • Next Best Comment Of The Day, in response to To The Dream House, Spock!: “The attention to detail is awesome. Barbie Kirk is wearing a fake nylon hair piece just like the real one did.” We say: Dude, that is clearly a tribble.

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