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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Not Ready For Prime Time: “Mother, may I Move Out of Your Basement?” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Cosmo’s “Sexy Issue” Does Helen Gurley Brown Proud: “I eagerly await Cosmo’s FINANCIAL CRISIS— FINALLY EXPLAINED! issue.
POSITIONS THAT KILL – One derivatives trader explains how the “short” position nearly killed capitalism
LIES MORTAGE BROKERS TOLD YOU TO GET YOU IN BED- Especially if you’ve got Beyonce-brown skin!
THE MEN OF THE CRISIS AND WHAT THEY CRAVE- (Hint: Alan Greenspan likes riding bareback with women young enough to be his daughter!)
ALL GEITHNER, ALL THE TIME! (The Fed Chief FINALLY dishes on sex, shoes, and finding that special lady- Sheila Bair!) (Geithner is also on the cover of this issue, showing some leg, making a sexyface)
DO YOU HAVE A GAMBLING PROBLEM? (You probably do if you purchased a Credit Default Swap)
HOW TO “BOND” WITH YOUR MAN (Beefing up your portfolio with a hearty investment in treasuries!)” • Best Exchange Of The Day, in response to What’s The Difference Between A Guy With Post-Partum Depression & A Total Jerk? “Wow. I don’t think it’s right to say that someone who’s depressed is acting like a jerk because you don’t like the way that their symptoms manifest. Changes in sexual behavior and drinking are absolutely symptoms of depression. Do you think this about all people with PPD, or just men? Would you ever in a million years tell a depressed new mom to “woman up”? This came across to me as really sexist and judgmental.” You Say: “They discuss what can be signs of depression, but they never give any insight into how to tell the difference between the two. So it is all lumped together as depression when these are mostly things that could also just be signs of a shitty dad.”

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