Reader Roundup: Helen Mirren & Jon Hamm Inspire Greatness, Poetry


Two words for today’s best comments: Awe. Some. Oh, and don’t miss the worst comment of the day: It’s a doozy!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Russell Brand & Helen Mirren Are Shocked, Just Shocked:

“Is that your fiancee shooting whipped cream out of her breasts at Snoop Dogg, surrounded by gigantic gummi bears?”
“It would seem so.”
“Is that an American thing?”
“How confusing.”

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Jon Hamm Is Predictably, Delightfully Hot & Handsome In W:

I want to do him
in a house.
I want to do him,
sorry spouse.
I want to do him
here or there.
I want to do him
I want my eggs to meet some Hamm.
He can even call me Sam-I-am.

Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Vaseline Crowdsources Racism With New Skin-Whitening App:

making your skin look darker = fine.
making your skin lighter = racist.
Black Entertainment Television = fine
White Entertainment Television = racist
Like… fucking seriously? It’s just asinine how if somebody does anything it must be evaluated to whether or not if it’s racist. If no racist undertones exist, make shit up and generate webpage hits.
Fuck you! It’s their body, let them do what they want.

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