Real Housewives Of NYC Premiere: "It's Not About The Countess-ness"


Last night’s premiere set the pace for this season with two fights, some tears, some tits, and a muumuu. Although there seems to be a war brewing between Bethenny and Jill, this episode’s focus was about “the Countess-ness.”

Before getting into “the Countess-ness,” can we just talk about how awesome Jill Zarin is for a minute? I love that the first thing out of her mouth this season was, “I’m starving.” Donning a designer muumuu, she looked Ramona up and down, trying to figure out what work she’d had done. Then she bitched about Ramona’s cheapness, used the word “freakin'” several times, and complained about the heat on Labor Day weekend while wearing a long-sleeve shirt and pants. She’s just the best.

LuAnn met up with Bethenny for a drink to clear the air about a comment Bethenny made behind her back last season—after the women took surfing lessons, for which Bethenny was stuck with the bill—implying that she doesn’t pay for things. LuAnn believes that if one is invited to an event or activity, that that the person doing the inviting should also do the paying. Bethenny said that this was just another example of LuAnn’s rules on appropriateness, calling it “the Countess-ness.” (Is this a rich person thing? Like if you invite a friend to the movies, are you supposed to pay?) Anyway, LuAnn insisted that this wasn’t about “the Countess-ness.” However, it all seemed to be about “the Countess-ness.” Earlier in the episode, she picked a fight with Ramona on her (rented, as Jill pointed out) yacht, regarding Ramona’s husband referring to her as “Count-less,” which hurt her feelings, because her husband the Count, recently left her.

The argument between Bethenny and LuAnn continued, with Bethenny outing LuAnn for “picking up guys.” But in the end, she apologized for the surfing/paying comment, and promised to not say anything behind her back anymore.

However, after LuAnn got underminer-y about Bethenny’s “Skinny Girl” promotional car, Bethenny immediately went back on her word and called LuAnn a “dumb drag queen” in one of her interview segments. This season will rule.

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