Real Housewives Of NYC: Secondhand Embarrassment, All Around


On last night’s episode—for the first time since this season started—there was not a single fight. Thankfully, the ladies filled the drama void with a collection of awkward moments and embarrassing sentiments that amped up the cringe-factor.

First there was Ramona, who essentially announced on national television—in so many words—that her daughter got her period. Aside from Avery’s potential mortification over that fact, I think that Ramona is really awesome mom.

Sonja is showing some promise here, with her frankness about the use of Adderall to lose weight, and her resolve not to, because of her astrological sign.

And then there’s Maude LuAnn, who has assembled the perfect Sex and the City group of gal friends. Notice how there’s no Miranda? Also, there are two Samanthas, according to Sonja’s estimation of LuAnn.

Lastly, there was Jill, who focused all her attention on the ice on Bethenny’s finger, and ignored the ice in Bethenny’s attitude—or at least, pretended to.

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