Real Housewives Of Orange County: Season Ends, Materialism Continues


On last night’s finale, the wives had a wrap party, which served as a way for them to one-up one another over new luxury possessions. Former cast members also attended; more after the jump.

While most of the Housewives were showing off the new stuff they bought, Jeana took the opportunity to show off a pair of old purchases.

Divorce looks good on her.

Former Housewife Tammy was there.

So were her kids. They admired Jeana’s breasts, too.

Kimberly, from the first season, also showed up. She moved to Chicago.

Jo also attended. She moved to LA. They must not have texture scissors there.

Jo brought her ex-boyfriend Slade.

Tamra said what I’ve always thought. But the thing is, she’s the one who’s married to a guy in a purple and pink striped shirt. That’s like the pot calling the kettle latent.

Still, Slade tried to come off as hetero as possible, much to the dismay of this chick.

Slade was delinquent on his mortgage payments and had to sell his house. Usually when this happens, you’d say that someone lost their shirt. It appears as though he also lost his shoes.

Gretchen bought all the girls Coach change purses, but Lauri didn’t really need one, since she already has a really nice wallet.

A week later, Gretchen’s much older fiancé Jeff lost his battle with cancer.

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