Real Housewives: The Eyes Have It


The craziness was revved up on last night’s episode: all the ladies got involved in at least one fight, over topics like crooked breasts, infidelity, and children. Ramona adopted a look of wide-eyed innocence, but was really a major shit-stirrer.

She’s been claiming that she’s the only one who’s getting along with all of the Housewives and is actively staying out of the drama, but she not only egged others on during Fashion Week, but also instigated several tiffs at Jill’s event at Saks. In her eyes, though, none of that really counts.

First up was Bethenny and LuAnn, who got into it at the Pamella Roland show. Bethenny wanted LuAnn to mind her own business, and made that point clear by butting her nose into LuAnn’s business, bringing up LuAnn’s secret slutiness again.

Then at Jill’s private dinner at Saks, Ramona—full of piss and Pinot—tried to turn Simon and Alex against LuAnn.

A few glasses of wine later, she continued her egregious by asking Kelly whether or not she got her crooked tits fixed.

But hands down, the best fight last night was Jill’s mom vs. the universe. She was pissed at Jill, the photographer, the stylist, her own teeth, and a fan that was blowing on her breasts.

“Bitch please” face of the year:

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