Real-Life Pooh Bear Gets Greedy Face Stuck in Jar, Nearly Dies


An adorably gluttonous bear youth was rescued in central Pennsylvania by four residents armed only with a rope, flashlights, and visions of Winnie the Pooh pawing frantically at the honeypot stuck on his head.

According to the AP, residents in Jamison City, Penn. first spotted the 100-pound bruin with a red jar on its head way back on June 3, but, being a preternaturally nimble creature, it eluded game wardens. The bear re-appeared at the Jamison City Hotel, where a team of amateur bear rescuers wrestled the creature down and removed the plastic jar of cooking oil from its head. Apparently, bears are just as silly about odiferous liquids in real life as they are in picture books.

If the bear had escaped, bear experts agree that the animal would not have had much longer to live, so you can thank the fine folks of Jamison City for releasing a big dumb bear back into the Pennsylvania bear mating pool, where it will almost certainly sire future generations of big dumb bears.

[AP via Fox]

Image via Getty, MJ Kim

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