Regular Person Sarah Palin Got a Speeding Ticket


Sarah Palin is not the Vice President. She’s not the Governor of Alaska. She’s not an elected official. She’s not a Fox News contributor, and she’s not a panelist on The View. She’s also not a comedian or a professional driver.

According to TMZ, who is still following her around (and here I am, still writing about her, so she must be interesting to at least me and Harvey Levin), Palin was slapped with a ticket in her native Wasilla for driving her Toyota Tundra 63 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

When questioned about the ticket, she replied “I wasn’t speeding. I was qualifying!” a popular red state bumper sticker slogan with about 187,000 Google results.

I have to hand it to Palin. The fact that she’s managed to spend the six years she’s been in the public eye speaking entirely in attitude tee shirt slogans is an impressive feat indeed.

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