Rejoice, Hedonists: A Spring Breakers Sequel Is Headed Your Way


Breakout your pink ski mask — French film distribution company Wild Bunch has just announced that they will attempt to secure funding for a Spring Breakers sequel called Spring Breakers: The Second Coming at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Looks like spring break really does go on forever and ever.

It remains unclear why exactly we need a Spring Breakers sequel at this point, especially considering how one of a kind the first one is. Oh, well — a studio exec’s gotta eat and The Second Coming has the potential to earn money, especially seeing as the original was one of the most talked about films of 2013. That said, director Harmony Korine and the original cast have absolutely nothing to do with it, which doesn’t exactly bode well.

The sequel (surprisingly written by Irvine Welsh) will follow a group of spring breakers as they go up against a militant Christian sect that is trying to convert them. No word yet on whether or not the soundtrack will include Britney Spears or if the film will include a repeat of the poetic line “It’s like you’re playing Mozart on my dick.”

One can only hope.

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