Reminder: Tom Hiddleston


Over the weekend, Thor 2: The Dark World earned $86.11 million at the box office. It’s an accomplishment, to say the least — not only did it set the box office record for the Marvel franchise, it also Tom Hiddleston-ed, Tom Hiddleston-ed again and Tom Hiddleston-ed one more time.

I’m sorry, does that sentence not make sense? Well, guess what: YOU DON’T MAKE SENSE. None of this makes sense! Everything is topsy-turvy since that lanky Brit stepped on the scene and started winning us over with his Cookie Monster videos or slumber party videos or videos of his South Korean dance showcases!

It’s not fair! We’re dizzy with it! Just plain dizzy and, as everyone knows, there are only two way to stop the world from spinning:

1.) By lying on the ground and gumming at a slice of pizza like a toothless baby.

2.) With a Tom Hiddleston gif party.

And GUESS WHAT? I’m all out of pizza.





Now you go.

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