Retro Fashion: Linda Evangelista On House Of Style


Fashion Week kicks off today, and thinking of runway shows tends to make us nostalgic for the heyday of The Supermodel. You know, back when the women walking in shows were drop dead gorgeous instead of dropping dead of anorexia. Anyway, besides Naomi Campbell and her violent streak, the most amusing character of the “Big Six” of supermodels is definitely Linda Evangelista. She’s snooty, and her self-obsession is contagious, because the rest of the world was obsessed with her, too. Or at least, so she thought! In this House of Style segment, Linda discusses her charity work (“[I’ll walk in one show] for free. Each season I choose a young, new designer to support”), her success (“I always wanted to be a model, but i never thought I’d become this“), and her fame (“I change my hair color and it gets headlines”). Clip above.

P.S. Isn’t Cindy Crawford just about the worst when it comes to reading lines? She totally would’ve failed at the correspondent challenge on Top Model.

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