Rick Astley is Actually Rickrolling People in Real Life


Not content to simply exist as one of the best Internet memes of all time, 80s pop star Rick Astley is now actually “rickrolling” people in real life.

Astley stopped by a Danish radio show and was asked to “rickroll” some people “who never play music” on another show. He has a pretty great sense of humor, especially about himself and the meme he inspired.

Fun fact: Astley was my first legit pop star crush. I am not ashamed of that anymore like I was that time in 1988 when my friend saw a notebook filled with pictures of Astley I cut out of magazines I had in my locker and said “ewww you like this guy ugh he sucks” and I had to pretend like I found it on the bus. I LOVE YOU FOREVER RICK.

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