Rick Perry Suddenly Realizes He's Against Abortion In Cases Of Rape & Incest


Just a week ago, Rick Perry say he’d allow abortion in cases of rape, incest and to protect the mother’s life, but that doesn’t exactly jibe with his recent embrace of the proposed personhood laws that even most Republicans don’t like. When asked about the contradiction at a campaign event today, Perry revealed that he’s undergone a “transformation” on the issue — conveniently, just days before the Iowa caucuses!

Today a fidgety Perry was confronted by Joshua Verwers, an Iowa pastor, who noted that the candidate told him at a previous event that abortion was permissible in certain situations, but recently he signed Personhood USA’s pledge, which states that “abortion and the innocent killing of life should always be prohibited.” Perry explained that he had a change of heart after watching Mike Huckabee’s anti-abortion film The Gift of Life last week. Surprisingly, what really got to him wasn’t the movie’s shocking revelation that zygotes can grow into cherubic children who frolic on a playground. Perry says he decided to change his position after meeting a woman featured in the video:

The lady in the DVD was looking me in the eye and said, ‘You really have to think this through. She said to me, ‘I am the product of rape,’ and she said ‘my life is worthy.’ It was a powerful moment.

If you’re a woman got pregnant due to rape or incest or are experiencing a life-threatening pregnancy complication, tough shit. You probably thought your life was worthy too, but Rick Perry will be the judge of that.

Perry Changes Position on Exceptions For Abortion [NYT]

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