Rihanna Doesn't Need You to be Her Boyfriend, Thanks

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When a guy goes out of his way to throw an elaborate birthday party for you, you’re probably thinking, “This man is my boyfriend.” But then that guy is all, “Hey, I’m not your boyfriend,” and you’re like, cool, I have a life of my own, anyway (and you actually mean it).

Which is apparently how Rihanna handled Leonardo DiCaprio telling her that he digs her and all, but he’s not looking for anything serious right now (even though, yeah, he did throw her a pretty dope-looking birthday bash, which hints there could be more than just a friends-with-benefits situation at hand). Something tells me that the queen of DGAF was too busy blowing trees on a private yacht to respond to the news, if she did at all.

[Life & Style]

Holy Mary, mother of Yeezus, pray for us: Kanye West’s “80 percent done” new album has a name, and it’s called So Help Me God. Don’t make elaborate plans to celebrate its release anytime soon, though: Yeezy plans on launching his eight studio album a la Beyoncé as a “surprise.” (No word, either, if North West will have a starring role on one of the tracks a la Blue Ivy.) [Rolling Stone]

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift won’t do, it’s “walk up the street with boys.” Or stumble drunk out of clubs. (Okay, that’s two.) Or talk in interviews about She Who Shan’t Be Named, a.k.a. Katy Perry, who may or may not subetweeted Taylor as “Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

‘Sheep,’ like big, wooly grandma sweaters covered in cat hair maybe—because Taylor envisions that, at 30, she’ll “probably still be single, just surrounded by cats.” 🙁 [Us Weekly]

Lady Gaga took the plunge with fiancee Taylor Kinney ahead of their nuptials. [Us Weekly]

Kylie Jenner wants you to know she’s more than just a famous 17-year old. [Life & Style]

Chelsea Handler is more than just a newly-minted 40-year old: she’s also got a medical marijuana license. And she likes being topless. [New York Daily News]

Ashlee Simpson is pregnant, hangry, and likes to hold hands with her husband. [Just Jared]

Zendaya thinks it’s about time you got over the whole Giuliana Rancic thing. [Bossip]

Will Smith’s new movie, Focus, only brought in $19 million over the weekend and I guess that’s not much money? [Vulture]

•Whatever, tho. Jaden Smith says “There Is No Dress.” [Twitter]

•Things that DGAF about dresses: Orlando Bloom’s smoking hot guns. [Mirror]

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