RNC Chairman Declares Hillary Clinton's Age, Health 'Fair Game'


There’s been a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton’s MyStErY brain injury these days (spoiler alert: 80% the mystery is why we’re even talking about it in the first place). Of course, like any female political figure, Clinton faces all sorts of ridiculous assertions and questions about her age, her health, her fashion, and her guilty pleasures, something she sometimes laments but often acquiesces. But now, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus has declared Open Season (Elmer Fudd-style) on Hillary Clinton’s age and health.

On Meet the Press this morning, when asked about Karl Rove’s recent comments on Clinton’s brain injury, Priebus stated, “I think that health and age is fair game. It was fair game for Ronald Reagan. It was fair game for John McCain.”

Except it wasn’t fair game then, and it most certainly is not fair game now. Hillary Clinton’s wellbeing isn’t a subject that we’re tiptoeing around here. It’s the definition of non-issue, a ridiculous accusation that is beyond inane. But hey, if there’s one thing people will always be able to challenge, it’s probably a woman’s mental well-being. It’s sexism’s great last stand (okay, one of them), and I guess it’s enough to carry the GOP for a while until they find their next ‘Benghazi’ because they have really been running that one a little thin.

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