RNC Finance Chairman and Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Steps Down Amidst Sexual Abuse Allegations


Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that they were tipped off to dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct against Steve Wynn: the Vegas king of in-your-face luxury; also RNC finance chairman under Trump. Most explicitly, a Wynn hotel manicurist allegedly reported to HR that he ordered her to lie down on a massage table, remove her clothes, and have sex with him in 2005. Anonymous sources tell the Journal that she was paid a $7.5 million settlement. A massage therapist told the Journal that he coerced her to give him hand jobs in his office over the course of months.

Wynn’s attorneys were not immediately available for comment to Jezebel.

The man who begs the question why do they always look like scrotum muppets? called the allegations “preposterous” in a statement published yesterday. But Politico reports that he is now stepping down from his post as RNC finance chairman. On Friday night, the Wall Street Journal reported, the Wynn resorts board of directors said they would form a committee to investigate the matter.

Last year, the GOP gleefully called for the Democratic Party to return Harvey Weinstein’s donations, and now many are wondering whether there will be a tit-for-tat call with Wynn’s reported personal donations to Republican entities reportedly in excess $1.5 million over the past five years.

Pubic hair tumbleweed blames his soon-to-be ex-wife for “instigating” the allegations.

Wynn and Trump are dear friends.

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