Russian Spy Anna Chapman Rules Bizarre Facebook Posse


We’re not sure what’s weirder — that sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman is putting inspiring quotes on her Facebook page while being debriefed by the Russian government, or that so many people are watching.

Chapman has taken down the sexy pictures that got so much play after her arrest. But her Facebook page is up — and her wall has become quite popular. Chapman’s becoming a regular Sarah Palin of spying, amassing a large and loyal band of e-followers. After a little Facebook-stalking of our own, here’s what we’ve learned about Chapman Nation:

They love quotes.

Like many of us in this modern world where life moves too fast to read all of anything, Anna Chapman is a fan of the pithy quote. The Post points out that she recently quoted both Eleanor Roosevelt (“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”) and Dickens (“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”). I’m not sure how getting caught spying and returning to Russia to be interrogated is “the best of times” — but Chapman’s fans are rising to the challenge of cheering her up with inspirational quotes of their own. One offers this (from the Buddha, of course): ‎”No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Another supplies some words of wisdom from the immortal Chuck D: ‎”there’s no future without a past.” And a third Chapman buddy adds, “Educate And Inform the whole mass of the people…. they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” The author? “THOMAS JEFFERSON,” who no doubt would have totally approved of all of Chapman’s activities.

They have a lot to offer.

Folks writing on Chapman’s wall provide support and praise, mostly about her hotness (“Such a Beautiful Face…I love the closeup!”) Plenty are willing to slam her enemies, like the UK: “Who wants a passport from the crooked teeth, tea sipping monkey island aka “Great” Britain anyway?” But some offer more than mere words. Says one, ” I would like to option the rights for a reality show for you!” (he must have read our post). Another may have a job opportunity: “from switzerland with love… by the way: switzerland still has lots of secrets to be revealed – could be a job for you? ;-)” It’s a good idea — as we’ve learned, if you commit any crimes in other countries, Switzerland’s the place to go.

They are total weirdos.

Perhaps it’s not for us to judge, but some Chapman fans do strike us as a little strange. Some have questionable political beliefs, like the guy whose dislikes include Hitler, Stalin, George W. Bush, and Israel (he loves The Little Prince though!). Some have odd predilections: one fan, who left Chapman the touching message, “i miss a beautiful women,” lists his interests as “Mountain Climbing, eviserations” [sic]. And some are all too willing to marry a spy they’ve never met. Witness this exchange:

One thing we didn’t find out from Chapman’s Facebook page: how many friends she has. Unlike everyone else, spies apparently know how to work Facebook privacy settings.

Russian Spy Has ‘Roosy’ Outlook Now [NY Post]
Anna Chapman [Facebook]

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