Ryan Gosling Crashes Boy King of Australia Russell Crowe's Live Speech


Celebrity sex meme Ryan Gosling vaulted himself into the center of an international diplomatic crisis when he boldly interrupted the state address of Australia’s boy king, Russell Crowe.

Always-full-of-shit Crowe was giving a speech of great national importance along the lines of Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 Inaugural Address, when he was rudely interrupted by a painfully clothed Gosling.

As you can see, Crowe is dressed in the customary official 70’s attire of the Australian royal family. Gosling further mocked Crowe’s stately address by donning similar ill-fitting, slovenly attire, a slap in the face to Crowe’s legacy for sure. To make matters worse, Sex Meme Gosling then rudely mis-identified splinter rebel cell New Zealand as part of Crowe’s Australian empire, prompting the boy king and Oscar-winner to rip the skin from his flesh and morph into a vengeful Chamrosh live on camera. And who said nothing exciting ever happens on awards shows anymore!

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