Ryan Gosling Feels Horrible About Getting a Text During an Interview


Ryan Gosling was in the middle of an interview on BBC Breakfast for his new movie Lost River when, oops, his phone went off. Gosling immediately went into shock.

The beauty of this interview—an appearance to promote his directorial debut—is Gosling’s level of disgust with himself for the simple act of forgetting to silence his phone. We can all relate. “Oh my God,” he says, his voice heavy with horror. “Sorry about that.”

“Sorry about that…”

“Sorry about that…”

Watch the video clip here. Gosling then retrieves the god-awful contraption from his right pocket and tosses it on the floor. The interviewer tries to soothe him by saying, “It happens.” But Gosling can’t let it go. It’s NOT okay. Ugh.

“I’m ashamed…I’m ashamed,” says Gosling. “You’re being very kind about it.” Ugh.


Please forgive him.

Images via screenshot/BBC

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