Ryan's Tired Of Taking Flak For Reese; Steven Sued For Assault, Trafficking

  • Today on Howard Stern‘s radio show Ryan Phillippe said, “I’ve been dumped on in the press for relationship stuff since Reese Witherspoon and I divorced. I’m tired of getting shit on, I don’t feel like I deserve it…”
  • He continued, “Things happen! How many people have you broken up with over your life?” As for his relationship with Abbie Cornish, he says he was surprised to read a public statement claiming she dumped him. “Who announces a breakup? I don’t understand that! There’s no need for that,” he said, adding, “I have a new rule: not to date anyone who has a publicist.” [Us]
  • A 23-year-old woman is suing Steven Seagal for sexual harassment and sex trafficking. Kayden Nguyen says she was hired to be Seagal’s personal assistant and discovered, “Mr. Seagal had been keeping two young female Russian ‘Attendants’ on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Her job was to take over for one of the women. She says Seagal treated her “as his sex toy,” repeatedly sexually and physically assaulted her, forced her to take illegal pills, and made her watch him have sex with the other woman. [TMZ, Radar]
  • Amy Winehouse was briefly hospitalized on Saturday after experiencing breast implant-related discomfort. “She had them checked out and all was OK, so she didn’t have to stay in,” said a friend. [People]
  • Heidi Montag says, “I’m writing a movie right now. It’s very action packed. It’s Bourne-meets-Barbie.” Heidi has spoken of her desire to be the “blonde Tomb Raider” before and says she’s been practicing: “I’ve trained in knife fighting and guns for over two years with one of the founding members of Saw, [who] was [in] the original Delta Force. So I’ve been shooting and practicing the whole real-life action figure for years. So I’m very excited to have action roles.” [Us]
  • Radar reports that Sandra Bullock is taking care of Jesse James kids. This is fine with 5-year-old Sunny’s mom Janine Lindemulder, but her husband Jeremy Aikman says Janine is worried because she hasn’t spoken to Sunny in three days. “Sunny has a special cell phone which has been set aside for her to take calls from her mom but she has not answered them recently. She is only a little girl, so, maybe she hasn’t got the phone just now. Janine does not have a problem if Sandra is looking after her daughter because she thinks that she is a good step-mom,” says Aikman. [Radar]
  • Star is reporting that Sandra Bullock secretly visited her sister in Vermont on Easter weekend, and even went out to dinner at a local restaurant. “It was obvious she wanted to be with family and close friends,” says a source. “Her sister seemed very protective of her, but Sandra looked strong. She was far from a wreck… Sandra looked like she was holding up just fine, considering what she’s been through.” [Star]
  • Ashley Dupré is on the cover of this month’s Playboy and in the accompanying interview she says, “Some people call me the girl who brought down the Governor of New York, but in reality he brought me down.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • Yet another report that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have split: A source reports, “Justin truly thought he’d found the one in Jessica and she felt the same. But the relationship just didn’t seem to go anywhere. They’ve both been working incredibly hard and will remain friendly – but there’s no more romance. It was mutual and they agreed it was best to part ways if things weren’t going to head towards marriage and kids. They are both incredibly busy. They both knew things were going to end for ages – it was just a matter of when.” [Mirror]
  • Just in case you were wondering what Hugh Hefner thinks about Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy‘s breakup, he says, “I don’t think any of us saw it coming. From the outside looking in, it looked like a magic couple. I thought she found the right one.” [People]
  • In response to the controversy over his recent wacky Tweets, Jim Carrey said, “I have freed Truman at long last! … I am grateful for my avatar’s many yrs of dedicated service, but no one has ever won the Tour De France while back peddling. … so I killed him. I do not plan 2 bow to expectations or to be confined by the fear of losing altitude in the ‘statusphere’! (my word).” He added, “This is no breakdown! It’s a breakthrough! And if you’ll just loosen these straps, I’ll show you the difference!” [People]
  • Heather Locklear has broken up with Jack Wagner. A source claims, “Heather felt like she had been spending so much time with Jack, that it was affecting her child. Ava is at that point where she’ll soon be a teenager, and she needs her mom more than ever, especially since she’s trying to become an actress and a model. So Heather told Jack she wants space.” [Perez]
  • Sources say Paris Hilton dumped Doug Reinhardt because she realized he’s just using her for fame. Reinhardt was pressuring her to guest star on a new reality show featuring his little sister and she refused. [Radar]
  • On Friday’s Oprah Kenny Chesney attempts to clear up what went down during his brief marriage to Renee Zellweger saying, “I panicked…I look at my life as a box. … So everything that I put in — learn how to play guitar, put that in the box. The friends I made. I put that in the box, and my career grew. Everything around me-all of the awards and all of the songs I wrote and all the success and everything — I put in that box. That box built grew into this wonderful house. Okay? And you protect everything and all the relationships and all the people that helped you build that house. And this is the first time I’ve actually talked about it, but that’s what happened. I protected that box.” When Oprah asks what that has to do with the marriage he says, “It was out of the box. Oh my God, but it’s tough. It really is tough. And she’s a sweet soul, no doubt about it, but I just wasn’t ready.” [Us]
  • Elizabeth Taylor denied that she’s engaged to her manager Jason Winters, saying, “The rumors regarding my engagement simply aren’t true. Jason is my manager and dearest friend. I love him with all my heart.” In other words, “Nooooooo!” [CNN]
  • Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne “were all over each other” at a Las Vegas nightclub this weekend. [People]
  • Here are photos of Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne getting tattoos together. [TMZ]
  • Elsewhere in Las Vegas Reggie Bush was spotted partying with Paris Hilton, who is apparently “Kim Kardashian‘s arch-enemy.” [TMZ]
  • Annie Potts remembered Dixie Carter saying she “was a Goddess. The kind of wife and mother that every mother hopes their daughter will become and the kind of friend that is absolutely irreplaceable. She loved fiercely and was adored in return. To have known her a little was a delight to all. To have known her well, a treasure beyond reckoning. And now, a loss beyond measure.” [People]
  • This story says Susan Boyle threw a “tantrum” that has “raised more fears over her fragile mental state” because while on a private jet that was delayed for two hours she said she just wanted to “fucking get home” and called her personal assistant/niece a bitch. [News.com.au]
  • Snoop Dogg says he’s planning to record a song with Susan Boyle. “She’s a great artist. I’m looking forward to going into the studio with her. Why not? We’re going to get our minds together and figure out what we’re going to sing about. I’m down with that,” he said. [Daily Express]
  • Randy and Evi Quaid didn’t show up for a court date in Santa Barbara today. Their lawyer told the judge, “they told me they would be here today. I don’t know what happened,” so the case was continued into the afternoon in hopes that he could track them down. [Radar]
  • But the Quaids still failed to show, so the judge issued a warrant without bail. Their lawyer says Evi called and said she was confused about the time. [Radar]
  • Kate Gosselin‘s lawyer filed papers today asking for Jon Gosselin’s custody request to be dismissed. Kate’s lawyer says the paperwork is “clearly defective” because Jon doesn’t list a current address or say who he’s living with in the papers. [Radar]
  • Kate Gosselin‘s lawyer also said Jon Gosselin filed the papers in the wrong court and, “There is no ‘Jon Gosselin’ exception to the Pennsylvania [law].” [TMZ]
  • DWTS dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy says he admires Tony Dovolani for working with Kate Gosselin. “I’ve spoken to Kate, and I don’t think she gets the point of this thing yet. The pain on her face says it all, which is unfortunate. The show is about finding a way to come out, enjoy yourself and have fun… We were taught to respect our teachers, so as teachers, we expect to be respected by our students. Kate needs to trust him. However lifeless that paso was, he had her ready with the routine.” [Us]
  • Pamela Anderson has some much nicer comments about Kate Gosselin: “She’s nice to me, she gets her hair done right next to me,” she says. “She’s always really pleasant. We talk a lot about kids.” [ET]
  • Pamela Anderson also says, “I think [the pasties] arrive at every rehearsal and everywhere I go. They hand them to me. I don’t like them. They bother me and I burst through them anyway…it’s just a nipple!” [Us]
  • Rihanna will join the Lilith Tour for one performance on July 12 in Salt Lake City. [Access Hollywood]
  • Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman testified on a conference call today about who should be awarded custody of his two children with his murdered wife Monica. Her sister applied for custody, but Bruce’s parents were named their temporary guardians. [Radar]
  • Monica Beresford-Redman‘s sister has hired a lawyer because she’s “looking for justice for her sister.” [Radar]
  • Casting director Joy Pierce has been accused of having a six month affair with Bruce Beresford-Redman. [Radar]
  • Ugh, so sad: The Duggars had to take their 19th child Josie back to the hospital a week after she was released from the NICU because her vital signs started to drop. Jim Bob Duggar says, “She’s doing fine now. They will watch her for a few days to make sure she’s safe.” [People]
  • Bono is about to become even richer: He invested in the smart phone Palm and stocks jumped today when the company put itself up for sale. [Daily Mail]
  • A source who was on the set of SATC 2: Electric Boogaloo says, “This movie isn’t so much about hot sex as it is more about female empowerment. There will be less action.” [E!]
  • The man who posted photos of Lady Gaga‘s tour itinerary online says, “I had no idea it would be posted on various sites and my story taken out of context to make me sound like a creepy ‘stalker.'” [ONTD]
  • During a hearing about a gambling debt Joe Francis owes hotel tycoon Steve Wynn, Francis said, “Mr. Wynn has threatened to kill me … He said he would hit me in the back of the head with a shovel and bury me in the desert.” He says he’s in the process of getting a restraining order. [TMZ]
  • Michael Jackson‘s publicist/manager Raymone Bain is suing his estate because she claims she wasn’t paid at all in 2008. [Ace Showbiz]
  • Behold: Andie MacDowell on the cover of Prevention. [Extra]
  • Mindy McCready says that, thanks to Celebrity Rehab, she’s sober and having a healthy relationship with a music producer named David. “It’s the first time that I have ever dated somebody that I was friends with first, ” she said. “It’s never been that way; it has always been the love story, dramatic, a love-at-first-sight thing. It’s different this time. It’s real, not surface. It’s grown up.” [CBS News]
  • Kara DioGuardi says, “We’ve been getting along splendidly. I have mad respect for Simon. I kind of look up to him. He’s a bit older than me … way older than me — like 30 years!” [CNN]
  • “I pretty much think of myself as like still being about 5. Maybe that’s why my Twitter picture is of me at 5,” says Demi Moore, presumably in response to some inane question about aging. She adds, “I don’t know if there is any particular secret [to staying youthful]. I think that laughter and smiling are one of the best antidotes to aging that you could possibly have.” [People]
  • Colin Farrell spoke about his brother being bullied for being gay at an event for an Irish LGBT teen organization and said, “Intolerance is not genetically encoded-it is taught. It is learned at home. It is learned in the classrooms and it is learned anywhere else we gather as a group. Bullying is torture, it is another betrayal of basic human decency and its scars reach into the future of its survivors.” [E!]
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