Sad Dancing With The Stars Diaries: Nick Carter's Dreams Come True


Sad Dancing With the Stars Diaries is a series in which we imagine the innermost feelings of Dancing With the Stars contestants, as written in their “journals.”

Hey Diary, Whaddup? So cool to see you again.

Last time we talked, I was feeling like, aw man, I don’t know, like DWTS was the best experience of my life… but also a little down and Out of Sorts. If you know what I mean. But this week, things are soooooo different.

Week four was “Memorable Years” night on the show, and you know, I could’ve done what year I made it with a chick (1997 baby haha) or when I saw myself on TV or some bullcrap, but instead I chose 1992, when I was 12. The year I got into the Backstreet Boys and my life changed forever!

It was so dope, they got AJ and Brian Littrell and Howie and Kevin, all the guys talked about me, how when I got in my voice was real high or whatever, haha. Memories. And Howie called me the little Michael Jackson of the group!!!! Haha, I don’t know if I believe him but it was pretty cool to hear. Sure I got a little choked up in the interview, because the boys really saved me.

But oh man, the performance was so sick. We did a normal BSB-style dance to “Backstreet’s Back” except none of the guys were on stage, it was just me and Sharna—the guys were in the audience! And they transformed the ballroom to look like a concert and gave everyone little lights to hold so it just, I dunno, it just really felt like I was a pop star again. It was a dream come true.

Then I hopped off stage, and AJ and Howie were there to slap high-fives with. And even Joey from N*SYNC came, and I slapped him a “Hey, bro, thanks” high-five on the way to the judges. Aw man. Why can’t life always be this magical?

And I got straight nines for it! Haha, totally dope and one of the best scores of the night. I mean other than Tamar, who said a sad story about her husband getting blood clots (does that word ever make you think of clotted cream, like the fancy food from London? LOL,), and Bindi did a really moving dance about her dead dad the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.

Gary Busey got kicked off, thank God. That dude is such a jerk. Honestly, diary, I kind of don’t like him. Lol, sorry.

Now I can go to bed happy :). Backstreet’s really back, baby, haha. See you soon, diary. Also check this out, me showing my emotional side, lol.

Love (haha, but seriously),


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