Sarah Palin Got Me Like 


On Friday, former Alaska governor and distant aunt whose example you should not follow Sarah Palin posted a Facebook status that had me like, “Girl?” “OMG girl!” and then, “Girl, u got me .”

If you just look at the above cropped screenshot, it appears that Palin is not only praising President Barack Obama, but she is also smiling at someone who is not Barack Obama, but who is Ben Carson. But then, you click “see more,” to see more, and she reveals that—sike! She got us! And she got us good.

She’s talking about Malik Obama! The Trump supporter!

I’m still like LMFAO girl u r so bad smdh. Here’s the full thing:

Confession: I’m an Obama Admirer

It was nice to shake Obama’s hand the other night and whisper a belated “thank you” for the courage and love of country he shows in this most important time. Our nation is at a crossroad; I wish we’d had more time to chat so I could further express appreciation (in the thankless position he’s in!) for all his pro-America efforts at such a time as this.

Oh, sorry… not THAT Obama – this one – Barack’s brother Malik who attended the Vegas debate in support of the anti-establishment, anti-#NeverTrump, independent, #AmericaFirstMovement candidate Donald Trump. This pic shows Malik Obama and Dr. Ben Carson as we exited the debate’s surreal hearing of the oft repeated, unrefuted, untruthful sound bites uttered on stage on behalf of the globalist agenda.

Wednesday night, Malik and I and others had been stuck outside in the remnants of campaign motorcades so had to walk in late to the UNLV arena. Finally taking my seat – front row center, literally on the 50-yard line – we missed opening remarks. Didn’t miss anything in the way of media predictability, though, as it was a given we couldn’t rely one iota on the referees (the media) to level the playing field in coverage of this final debate.

Friends, rest assured we can survive the crazy deception in this campaign, the question is – can America survive those who suppprt the deception?

Watch this tip-of-the-iceberg compilation of lies that doesn’t even include most recent Leftist logic-defying statements, but should be shared with those who haven’t seen the light:

Stay strong America! Its an exciting and empowering time – a whole new ballgame where we no longer rely on blinded referees but instead we level the field ourselves. Do your own homework; demand campaign accountability; teach your kids that truth still matters; stiffen your spine, take action and keep the faith!

Truth prevails. It’s time to dance upon injustice!

– Sarah Palin


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