Sarah Palin Reality Show Inspires Bidding War • Man Nearly Bakes Baby


• Two cable networks are fighting over the rights to a Sarah Palin reality show.

The show will be “about Alaska” and will air on either A&E or Discovery. Palin reportedly approached the major broadcast networks about the idea, but no one was interested. • A New Jersey judge has ruled that loud sex is reason enough for cops to search your home. The ruling was in response to an appeal by Brian McGacken, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drugs. McGacken was surprised by police, who were called to his house to investigate reports of loud sex. He argues that once they verified the sex was consensual, they should have left. However, the cops continued to search the home and discovered his pot plants. Bummer. • You know that video of the kid stoned out of his mind on anesthesia after a trip to the dentists? According to CNN, it made David’s family a lot of money. Plus, David says he “got some girls to like me now.” • Six women in Florida have reported rapes in the first week of spring break, authorities say. A Daytona newspaper reports that in the past year they have seen a total of 41 sexual assaults, but the chaos of spring break has caused a terrifying increase in the number of attacks. • A 15-year-old girl in India was set on fire by three men who tried to rape her yesterday. The victim is in critical condition, with 60 percent of her body covered in burns, at Gandhi Hospital. The police have formed special teams to search for the “bachelor” culprits. • Minnesota police have arrested a man for selling his wife on Craigslist. She reportedly had sexual encounters in eight states before she called an anti-sex trafficking hot line to report the abuse. She says she only went along with the arrangement because he threatened to hurt their young child. • Josef Fritzl has apparently made a friend while incarcerated. His new pal is a serial killer known as “The Gasman” because he posed as an employee of an energy firm in order to gain access to his victim’s homes. The Gasman murdered seven people, raping one, and stole cash and jewelry from each of their houses. A prison officer told the Sun, “no one is in here because they’re an angel but this lot are the dregs of the world.” • Despite outrage from some conservative Anglicans, Mary Glasspool will be consecrated as a bishop in the US Episcopal Church. Glasspool will be the second openly gay bishop in the global Anglican church. • Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has not yet signed a bill on domestic violence which was introduced to the cabinet more than a year ago. Critics of Museveni say that his stalling has undermined women’s rights in Uganda, where domestic violence occurs in an estimated 78% of homes. • Earlier this week, we mentioned the London fertility clinic that was raffling off a free cycle of invitro complete with a donor egg. The raffle has since gone through, and one lucky lady from the Washington area won about $23,000 worth of treatments. • A Sydney citizen has become the first person in Australia to be officially recognized by the state as genderless. Unfortunately, Norrie has since been contacted by state officials, who say the certificate may be invalid because it says “sex: not specified” instead of “sex: not stated.” • A British think tank has suggested that pregnant woman be given weekly rewards for not smoking, funded by a massive increase in cigarette taxes. Although the premise is somewhat insulting, I’m sure there are a lot of pregnant ladies who would welcome the extra cash. • Lawmakers in California are set to vote today on whether to require the use of condoms in all pornographic films. The petition was filed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and seeks stricter regulations on STD testing and training. • A stoned Kentucky man mistakenly put his baby in the oven, which was still on off, before passing out for the night. Larry Long awoke at 5:30 a.m. to his son’s cries, and immediately called a mental health crisis line. The child has since been removed from his care, and Long is facing charges of first degree endangerment.

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