Sarah Palin Unhappy With Intimate Biography • Fox Cub Prefers Human Company


• Governor Sarah Palin is speaking out against the “fantasies” published in the newly released “Trailblazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin.” Her camp has accused author Lorenzo Benet of practicing “bad journalism.” •

• In attempts to curb prostitution, Las Vegas police have published a list of the 50 “most prolific prostitutes.” Opponents of the list worry that it will lead to arrests without probable cause. • Faculty and students at UC San Diego are protesting what they believe is an unsafe environment in the school’s literature building. High rates of breast cancer among those working in the building has lead many to believe that the electrical equipment, and possibly the elevator, is to blame. • The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that a billboard advertising “longer lasting sex” is crass and unsubtle, and must be taken down. • Malaysian assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong has been asked to resign from her position after nude pictures of her sleeping were circulated on the internet. Because Wong did not break any law, and was obviously the victim in this crime, many have (rightly) questioned her punishment. • An infant boy from a village in eastern India has been married off to his neighbor’s dog. His parents believe that this will ward off wild animals, and protect their young son. • The Pennsylvanian “Gothic Kitten” woman is going to stand trial on animal cruelty charges. The judge called the issue a gray area that needs to be decided by a jury. • This is amazing: A Utah woman named Yvonne Morris chased a man who she believed broke into her car and brought him to justice with a headlock and a wedgie. Let’s hope it wasn’t an atomic one. • Margaret Atwood has pulled out of inaugural Emirates Airline international festival of literature in response to the censorship of “blacklisted” novelist Geraldine Bedell. • Six new studies from Cornell indicate that eating vegetables and fruits – especially apples – can reduce the risk of breast cancer. • New research shows that very few women of childbearing age are following lifestyle recommendations, or preparing in any way, for the possibility of becoming pregnant. Apparently, regardless of whether or not you want a baby, if you are of childbearing age you should be taking folic acid and drinking less. Ugh. • A new device that promises to unmask the identity of even blocked callers is causing a good amount of disquiet among advocates for domestic violence victims. They fear that the service would make it easier for abusive partners to locate their victims, and make it more difficult for women to successfully leave their abusers. • Awww: zoo keeper Alex Larenty is so close to Jamu, an eight-year-old male lion, that the two are able to safely cuddle and play. • “Cranial billboards” are the hot new thing in advertising, and they are just what they sound like: human heads, decorated with temporary tattoos, used as billboards. • A 34-year-old man allegedly kidnapped a woman, dressed her in an adult diaper, and held her captive for three days while he read Bible passages aloud to her. • Researchers, addressing the sexism in evolutionary studies, have begun to focus on the process of childbirth and mothering as a subject of inquiry. • And now for the most adorable thing you’ll read all day: an abandoned fox cub has been domesticated by a pet store owner. Miss Snooks now refuses to return to the wild, and is perfectly happy sleeping with the family cats. •

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