Satin, Sabotage & Trains: The Valkyrie UK Premiere


Why was Kelly Rowland at the Valkyrie premiere at London’s Odeon Leicester Square last night? Whatever the reason, thank dog: she was a blessed break from TomKat and a mess of birds in skintight satin.

The Good:

Adoring Carice Van Houten’s pretty, flirty royal.

LBD perfection, thy name is Kelly Rowland!

I think you know, and I know, that Halina Reijn’s gratuitously dramatic train is pretty fab.

The Bad:

I like lamé as much as the next dame, but there’s something particularly infelicitous about Zoe Salmon’s combo.

You know what this unflattering teal satin dress needs? A bunch of sequined false pockets. I don’t know who I’m pretending to be; maybe whoever designed Connie Fisher’s frock?

Did no one in England hear Nina Garcia say that “short, tight and shiny is the quickest way to look cheap?” Melinda Messenger: learn it. Love it. Live it. And yes, I am quoting Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

What Say You?

First of all, nary a pic where TomKat wasn’t joined at the hip. What do you think? Not precisely “bad” but there’s something definitely awkward about the proportion, especially shoe-wise!

[Images via Getty]

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