Saturday Night Social: Christina Aguilera Verzuz……Christina Aguilera

Saturday Night Social: Christina Aguilera Verzuz……Christina Aguilera
Photo:Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images)

Christina Aguilera, noted rival of Christina Aguilera, has released a music video for her new version of “Reflection,” the song originally made famous by Christina Aguilera for Disney’s 1998 animated feature, Mulan.

This new version, which Christina Aguilera recorded for the soundtrack of the upcoming live-action Mulan remake, premiering next month on Disney+, is quite good, and, uh………not to pit two strong, independent women against each other, but if I were Christina Aguilera? I’d be worried!

The new music video, which hit YouTube on Friday, according to Billboard, finds Christina Aguilera crouched atop a reflective surface, singing at or perhaps even to her reflection—which is the name of the song!

Christina Aguilera is wearing a billowing, powder blue gown and has blonde hair, which is similar to what Christina Aguilera wore in her “Reflection” video except different in that Christina Aguilera wore a pantsuit, which is dissimilar from Christina Aguilera’s outfit, which is a dress. There are also scenes from the live-action Mulan, many of which feature actress Liu Yifei playing the titular role.

Have I met my wordcount for this post yet? No? Uhhhhhhh, what else can I describe… Christina Aguilera is singing! Much like Christina Aguilera did in her music video for her version of “Reflection” from over 20 years ago. One could argue that Christina Aguilera has copied Christina Aguilera in that respect. Not me, though, for I understand that although Christina Aguilera is a singer, she did not invent singing. Many people who are not Christina Aguilera sing—even women! Women such as Christina Aguilera, who honestly sounds even better on her recently released cover of “Reflection” than Christina Aguilera did on the 1998 original.

Incredible Mrs. Music Critic out!

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