School Told It Can't Offer School Credit For Abortion Protest, Not That They're Listening


The Catholic school that had planned to give students academic credit for participating in an anti-abortion prayer vigil has been told that the move isn’t kosher by the Catholic educational powers that be, thanks to the public outrage the plan spurred. Protesting: sometimes, it works!

Robert Praznik, director of education for the Archdiocese of Winnipeg, practically shat his pants when he found out what was going on at Christ the King, saying that the protest was unacceptable for a variety of reasons, but mostly because the church doesn’t believe that political behavior should count as scholarly study. He said,

Catholic Schools in Winnipeg do not give community service or academic credit for participation in prayer vigils. There are no Catholic schools in Winnipeg that give academic credit for political activity. We’re very careful, we’re not a political organization. None of this is part of the curriculum, and none of this is done on school time

Part of Praznik’s freak out may be that the law dictates that private Catholic schools receiving public funding are not allowed to participate in political protests like the one proposed at Christ the King.

Meanwhile, the principal at the school has not issued a comment. Some speculate that he will bravely go on with the protest even with the governing body’s rebuke and risk losing the public funds that normally support the school. In a recent year, Christ the King school received $666,324 from the government. As your nutty aunt Michele Bachmann would say, the devil’s in the details.


Protest credit rebuked [Winnipeg Free Press]

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