Scott Disick Will Get That KUWTK Money Even If They Edit Him Out

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Scott Disick isn’t worried about having his money. Even though he and Kourtney Kardashian have ended their relationship, his contract with E! still very much exists. Sources tell TMZ that KUWTW cameras “will NOT shoot Disick’s single guy partying adventures for the show’s next season,” but that they “might include him in shoots related to his and Kourtney’s relationship issues.”

But even if those scenes don’t appear the final episodes (they will), Scott will still get that check.

We’re told his contract calls for him to get paid … as long as he cooperates when, and if, producers need him. Even if they end up editing him out, he gets his money.

Even after the breakup, he’ll still calling the Scotts, Scotts, Scotts.


Gigi Hadid is moving out of her apartment because of a “creepy” stalker named Marcell Porter.

He “was arrested on June 29 for making numerous attempts to get into the model’s Soho pad … and cops say one time he was successful getting past security and up into her place.”

After he got in, she decided she was getting out. Hadid has since put the $2.5M SoHo home on the market, and is probably sleeping on the couch at Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift’s place in nearby TriBeCa. They stay up late ordering Seamless and watching Frasier on Netflix.


Hugh Jackman’s wife told him he’s not allowed to work with Angelina Jolie. He told her OK, as long as she doesn’t work with Brad Pitt. I told myself not to say anything else about the matter.


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